Here are the results of recent league play at Juniper Hill.

Late Swingers League

The Juniper Hill Late Swingers League played Thursday.

Division 1

First Flight: Connie Wiard, first low gross; Tara Purvis, second low gross; Charlotte Nelson, first low net (scorecard playoff); Linda Moore, second low net.

Second Flight: Tara Clark, first low gross (SCP); Tammy Teeter, second low gross; Susan Goins, first low net; Natalie Srutowski, second low net.

Division 2

First Flight: Melinda Holbert, first low gross; Lisa Frye, second low gross; Dusty Nelson, first low net; Karen Jones-Thompson, second low net.

Fourth Flight: Helen Hawkins, first low gross; Nina Sue Rice, second low gross; Donna Grimes, first low net; Mary Rhodes, second low net.

Wildcat Division: Leigh Ann Bates, first low net.

Golf 101: Kathy Oak, first.

Chip-ins: Karen Pilcher, Dusty Nelson, Cindy McDonald

The mixed member-member is July 20-21. If you want to play, call the pro shop at 502-875-8559 and they will find you a partner.

The Ladies Club Championship is Aug. 3-4, and the sign-up sheet is in the pro shop.

Senior Men

 The Larry Watson Senior League played Thursday, and the format was two-man team.

A Flight

1. Donnie Cloud-Kevin Shipp, 2. Dana Willis-Raymond Casey, 3. Mike Collins-Stewart Willis, 4. Jim Beirne-Chuck Dempsey, 5. Ben Boggs-Ernie Stallard.

B Flight

1. (tie) Tom Grissom-Willie Willard and Al Gordon-Bob Karsner, 3. Rich Kozenski-Don Mattingly, 4. Jim Caudle-Ricky Groves, 5. Doug Trimble-Bob Robinson.

Skins: Kevin Shipp (No. 1), Ben Boggs (No. 8), Don Mattingly (No. 16)

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