The Juniper Hill Men’s Club Championship will be played this weekend.

Nick Wilkins will be back to defend his title.

Here are the tee times for Saturday.

No. 1

7:30 a.m.: Paul Hiser, Bob Robinson, Mark Harrod, George Mann; 7:40 a.m.: Lanny Walls, Don Mattingly, Ricky May, Keith McNeil; 7:50 a.m.: Chris Cole, Grant Sudduth, Larry Dukes, Donnie Rodgers; 8 a.m.: Elic Jones, Chuck Dempsey, LeMoyne Pilcher, Tommy Hughes.

8:10 a.m.: Steve Johnson, Mike Guffey, Kat Veerasethakul, Bennie Thurman; 8:20 a.m.: Keith Ritchie, Thomas Riffe, Jack Bates, John Hodgkin; 8:30 a.m.: Tom Dobson, Brendon Woody, Elgie McFayden, Jackson Whitaker.

8:40 a.m.: Rich Estes, Mike Waldner, Brandon Dempsey, Seth Dawson; 8:50 a.m.: Bert White, B.J. Hurst, Brad Reynolds, Rich Eversman; 9 a.m.: Ben Boggs, Rex Fowler, Steven Fowler, Tim Fowler; 9:10 a.m.: Brian Hiles, Berry Terrell, Gary Smith; 9:20 a.m.: Jim Thompson, Darrell Smith, Kevin Shipp.

No. 10

7:30 a.m.: Larry Prewitt, Bob Karsner, Jimmy Todd; 7:40 a.m.: Danny Harrod, Paul Hampton, Howard Hazelwood, Terry LaFontaine; 7:50 a.m.: Jeff MacDonald, Bob Etherington, Randy Pritchett, Terry Paige; 8 a.m.: Joey Holbert, Steve Bolin, Bob Stevens, Bob Sharfe.

8:20 a.m.: Jim Beirne, Roy Johnson, Wallace Fawbush, Donnie Cloud; 8:30 a.m.: Tag Hughes, Harold Moore, Stewart Willis, Raymond Casey; 8:40 a.m.: Scott Tippett, Chad Wiard, Jacob Vanderoort, Scott Barnett; 8:50 a.m.: Mark Brickner, Danny Quire, Marty Young, Ernie Stallard.

9 a.m.: Troy Woody, Doug Marshall, Gary Sharfe, Gary Holbert; 9:10 a.m.: David Hicks, Warren Mitchell, Kevin Whitaker, Scott Marlin; 9:20 a.m.: Jim Clark, Todd Combs, Daniel Anglin, Jon Aydt; 9:30 a.m.: Nick Wilkins, Barney Sutley, Rob Duff.

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