Juniper men's title

Nick Wilkins, right, won the Juniper Hill Men's Club Championship Sunday with a two-day score of 136 (68-68). With Wilkins is Juniper Hill golf pro Kirk Schooley. (Linda Younkin)

Since finishing his golf eligibility at Morehead State in May, Nick Wilkins hasn’t been able to play a lot of golf.

That didn’t stop him from repeating as the Juniper Hill men’s club champion Sunday.

Wilkins shot 136 (68-68) and was the only golfer to shoot under par for the tournament. He won by six shots over Jon Aydt. Par is 70 for men at Juniper Hill.

“I’ve been working more,” Wilkins said. “I had an internship for the summer to finish up my degree. The last day was Friday.”

Wilkins worked about 40-50 hours a week at his internship at High Performance Golf Academy in Nicholasville.

That cut into his time on the course.

“I had a decent amount of time before the city (tournament),” said Wilkins, who won the city title in June. “I played in a U.S. Amateur qualifier about a month ago and had some decent time to play before that.

“The last three or four weeks I haven’t had much time at all. I’d play nine holes after work a couple of times a week.”

Aydt shot 67 Saturday to lead Wilkins by one shot going into Sunday’s round.

“I was happy with the result,” Wilkins said. “I don’t feel like I played great, but I hung in there. I got a lot of bad breaks, but you have to stay patient.

“Today I felt like I drove the ball pretty well, and I had a lot of great putts. I didn’t score on a lot of them, but I got them close and gave myself a chance at least.”

Wilkins is returning to Morehead, where he’ll be a graduate assistant with the men’s golf team while working on his graduate degree.

He also plans to play in the Governor’s Open Sept. 7-8.

Here are the top finishers in each flight.

Championship Flight: 1. Nick Wilkins, 136 (68-68); 2. Jon Aydt, 142 (67-75); 3. Rob Duff, 146 (69-77); 4. (tie) Scott Marlin, 148 (80-68); Troy Woody, 148 (72-76).

Second Flight: 1. Tim Fowler, 144 (72-72); 2. B.J. Hurst, 147 (74-73); 3. Brian Hiles, 149 (72-77); 4. Jim Thompson, 151 (76-75); 5. Darrell Smith, 152 (74-78); 6. Rich Eversman, 153 (80-73).

Third Flight: 1. Mark Brickner, 151 (75-76); 2. Roy Johnson, 159 (79-80); 3. Harold Moore, 160 (82-78); 4. Danny Quire, 163 (76-87).

Fourth Flight: 1. Tom Riffe, 157 (78-79); 2. Chuck Dempsey, 158 (80-78); 3. Mike Guffey, 161 (79-82).

Fifth Flight: 1. Mark Harrod, 167 (86-81); 2. Steve Dawson, 168 (85-83); 3. Paul Hiser, 170 (83-87).

Sixth Flight: 1. Bob Sharfe, 161 (80-81), low gross; 2. Paul Hampton, 178 (89-89), low gross; 1. Joey Holbert, 127, low net; 2. Terry LaFontaine, 134, low net.

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