Cecilia Lueza will return to Frankfort next spring to install her work “Wanderlust,” on the side of Nitro facing Lewis Street. (Photo by McKenna Horsley)

Sherrie Goebel, an owner of Nitro of Frankfort, always wanted a mural on the store’s downtown building. 

Now, that dream will be fulfilled next year, as artist Cecilia Lueza will return to Frankfort next spring to install her work “Wanderlust,” on the side of Nitro facing Lewis Street. 

“I loved Cecilia’s because I love color. I feel like our shop is full of color and I wanted it to reflect what I felt like people would see inside the building,” Goebel said. 

Lueza, an Argentine-born artist, has been professionally creating murals and three-dimensional  pieces for more than 20 years. She lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, with her husband, Rick Munne, and their daughter, Constanza. The family attended a Sunday afternoon meet-and-greet at Nitro for locals to meet Lueza and see a rendering of her work. 

“I love when cities have these mural programs and I really wanted to be a part of that,” Lueza said.

She was originally going to begin installing the mural last week, but due to cold and rainy weather, work could not start. She will work on “Wanderlust” in late April or early May and estimated that installation would take two weeks. 

She mostly works with spray paint, as it’s faster to use and the colors are usually brighter. The paint that she is using for the Nitro mural will also be UV-resistant, making it last longer. 

Lueza described most of her work as being bright and geometric and added that she often draws inspiration from nature, especially birds. The birds featured in “Wanderlust” can be found in Kentucky, she said.

“I think it’s because of beauty and freedom, the colors they have, grace, a lot of elements that I really love,” Lueza said about what attracts her to paint birds. 

Goebel said she was able to see Lueza’s work before a final selection was made. The store owner picked it for the bright colors and birds. 

“Wanderlust” is one of three murals selected by the Franklin County Arts Council, or FrankArts, for its Arts Downtown project. Six sculptures were also recently installed in the area. FrankArts leaders Suzanne Fernandez Gray and Melanie Van Houten said community reaction to the art installations has been fairly positive. 

“So far, we’ve been fairly pleased with the quality of work,” Van Houten said. 

This round of art installations is Phase One for the group; more are planned at a later date.

The other murals in Phase One are on Bourbon on Main and Capital Cellars. The project was possible thanks to a private donation from Frankfort philanthropist Richard Rosen, Van Houten said.

If other Frankfort residents want to support the project, donations can be made through Josephine Sculpture Park’s website and then specify the donation for Arts Downtown. 

Lueza’s mural was selected from almost 90 international responses to a call for murals from FrankArts earlier this year. 

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