Marti Booth

Marti Booth

Franklin County Magistrate Marti Booth’s pelvic surgery was rescheduled for Friday, one of her sons said. 

Booth, who represents Franklin County’s Fifth District, fell in her home last week, said son Jared Bishop.

Bishop said his father, Ted Schultze, found Booth on Thursday after Bishop and Schultze had a call the day prior and Bishop asked his father to check on Booth, as Bishop had recently moved from Frankfort and she was living alone. 

“He said when he found her, she was just so thankful,” Bishop said. 

Booth, who broke her pelvis in several places and had a hematoma on her brain, has since been at the University of Kentucky Hospital. She has had one surgery to stop internal bleeding in her pelvic region, and doctors planned another surgery to repair the fractures, but postponed it, Bishop said. That surgery was rescheduled for Friday, depending on Booth’s health. 

Bishop said he’s played voice messages left for Booth while she has been hospitalized. While she is still recovering, she continues to get better with each day he said. 

From this, Bishop hopes to start a kind of community outreach program in Huntington Woods to check on the elderly regularly, something that he's talked about with neighbor and friend Craig Blanton. Bishop hopes that other residents do something similar. 

“If my dad didn’t find her, we may have lost her,” Bishop said. 

Bishop said it is unclear how long Booth’s road to recovery is, but she will most likely be in the hospital a few more days following the surgery, then go to an inpatient rehabilitation center.

He thanked the community for its continuous support of Booth during this time. 

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