The buzz of airplane engines mingled with cheerful chatter as people came out to enjoy Aviation Day at the Capital City Airport on Saturday. The event attracted aviation enthusiasts as well as citizens simply interested in learning more about various aircraft.

“This is the ninth year that we’ve done it,” said Scott Shannon, assistant director of the Capital City Airport Division, noting that the event takes place every other year.

“We open up our airport because we want the community to be able to come in and see what we do. We want them to see the airport, the airplanes, the helicopters,” he said. 

Visitors enjoyed viewing a diverse array of aircraft, including the National Guard UH-60 Black Hawk, UH-72 Lakota and the Air National Guard’s C-130 Hercules, a favorite among many at the show.

James Schreiner, of Versailles, brought his 2-year-old son, Tucker. “He’s a big fan of anything with an engine,” Schreiner said of his son. “Airplanes and helicopters and fire trucks and police cars. This is a great fun, free event and it’s very cool they’re putting it on.”

Frankfort resident Cheryl Yunt, who attended with her family, agreed. “I brought my kids when they were tiny little things,” she said. They have come back several times since. “The kids really liked it, and everybody was really super nice and friendly.”

Danny Frank, of Lawrenceburg, said his late father built a scale model of the original Wright Brothers plane for a Kosair Shrine Club parade around 1995. Later, it went into storage at a Louisville warehouse.

“We got possession of it again and I started looking for a home for it,” Frank said. He donated his father’s model plane to the Capital City Airport, where it was on display Saturday.

Shannon said the Capital City Airport is a state-owned and operated airport that hosts all of state government’s fleet of aircraft, and functions as a joint use military airport with the adjacent National Guard base.

“We don’t have commercial service, but we have a lot of corporate and private aircraft that come here to do business with the state and local factories and businesses,” he said.

Vendors sold food as families stood in line for 10-minute rides in small, single-engine aircrafts. Children ages 8 to 17 rode for free. Members of the Frankfort Police Department, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, the National Guard and first responders also attended the event.

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