All Frankfort residents are encouraged to stop by the Old Capitol lawn on Wednesday, July 3 for an early Independence Day celebration. The event will be held at 5 p.m. and features a variety of performances by local artists.

The program will begin with the national anthem performed by the Frankfort Children Singers and accompanied by the Color Guard of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation. Multiple soloists will perform other patriotic tunes. The Good Shepherd Musical Ensemble will perform, as well as the No Tools Loaned bluegrass band. Two dance ensembles, both directed by Sylvia Coffey — the Glitterbugs and Women's Suffrage — will participate. The evening will conclude around 7:30 p.m. with a community singing of patriotic songs lead by Dr. Carl Smith.

The event is sponsored by the Franklin County Democratic Executive Committee. Despite the affiliation of the sponsor, event organizer Charlie Geveden said it will not be political.

"There will be no political speaking, no donations collected — absolutely no politics involved," Geveden explained. "It's just a positive, local, family event to celebrate the freedoms we have in America."

Attendees should bring their own lawn chairs and blankets. The event is an opportunity for the community to support local talent and celebrate the birth of our country, he added.

"We just want to celebrate the freedom we have in this nation that a lot of other countries unfortunately don't," said Geveden. "Bring your children and families and come enjoy some good music and a lot of fun."

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