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This screen grab from Frankfort Transit's 2020 Route Booklet shows the new routes, which will be put into place on Jan. 6. 

The new year will bring changes to Frankfort Transit.

According to a press release, new amenities and reduced travel time are coming Jan. 6.

Changes in the system are the result of a survey conducted by Frankfort Transit in February. The survey indicated 70% of participants were dissatisfied with ride times and transfer times. Participants would also like to see more bus shelters and benches.

However, the majority of participants indicated they had positive interactions with transit staff.

“One of our biggest challenges has been getting our clients who ride our deviated fixed routes to their destination in a timely manner,” Transit Superintendent Jennifer Hall said. “It was difficult with a main transfer point where all buses needed to meet and exchange passengers. The changes we are making in January eliminate the need for one main transfer point which will lead to a more streamlined system and ultimately get our clients where they need to go safely and more efficiently.”

Frankfort Transit will begin streamlining all current routes and adding a Fast Connect route. Beginning Jan. 6, routes will be defined by color instead of direction. The West route will now be Red. The East route will now be Orange. The South route will now be Blue, and the North route will now be Green.

Transfer points have also been added to all routes.

The Fast Connect Route will be known as the Purple Route.

The Purple Route will utilize one of Frankfort Transit’s newest and largest buses, a 35-foot Gillig, which holds 32 passengers and two wheelchairs. Fast Connect is designed to travel the perimeter of the capital city and connect major shopping centers and other areas of interest.

The addition of the Purple Route, which has only eight stops, could potentially shave 20 to 30 minutes of travel time for passengers traveling from one side of Frankfort to another.

A sneak peak of the new routes is available on Frankfort Transit’s Facebook page and hard copies of the new routes will be available in the coming weeks. Google Maps will also be updated to include the new routes beginning Jan. 6.

Frankfort Transit will also have five dedicated phone lines (875-8565) to assist riders during January.

“We know there will be some confusion and a lot of questions at first, but ultimately these changes will enable Frankfort Transit to better serve our citizens,” said Hall.

For more information contact Jennifer Hall,, or Rebecca Hall,

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