You Asked: How do the city and county’s recycling programs work?

A recycling truck sits at the City of Frankfort Recycling Center on Rouse Avenue Thursday afternoon. Both Franklin County and Frankfort residents can use curbside recycling bins to get rid of waste in an environmentally friendly way. (Chanda Veno | State Journal)

The city of Frankfort will look at temporarily lowering the fee to upgrade to larger garbage cans and use overflow bags in light of a recent suspension of paper recycling.

Commissioners heard an update on the subject Monday during their monthly work session. City officials have fielded many citizen inquiries since a Lexington recycling plant stopped accepting paper recyclables. 

Public Works officials said they have been looking at ways to address the problem.

“We’ve gotten flooded with phone calls and requests for some kind of accommodation for this extra paper,” said Kathy Beard, public works director.

Many people have asked that the city provide larger garbage receptacles for the additional items going to the landfill rather than the recycling center. The current fee to upgrade a garbage can is $50, but the city will be looking to lower that fee to $25 until the recycling issue is resolved or until sometime in September. Then it would resume the $50 charge.

City officials also heard about plans to reduce the cost of overflow bags from $6 a roll to $4 a roll during the same period in hopes that recycling markets will pick back up before September.

Commissioners will also be looking at phasing out the small garbage containers that were originally offered as a way to encourage people to recycle. But people with medical issues who require lighter cans would still be able to use them.

Recycling is expected to be on the commission's June 24 agenda.

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