It's all about getting back to the roots of America's founding for Phyllis Vincent.

"If we want to maintain America as it was founded, we have to know where we came from," she said. "When I grew up, we were taught about our Constitution. But somewhere along the way, we've lost that in our curriculum."

Vincent was among about 20 people Saturday rediscovering the core values of America's founding as part of the Constitution Boot Camp. She arranged for Building Blocks for Liberty to speak for interested people at Tammy's Diner, 3624 Georgetown Road, about important documents in the country's founding.Vincent said she got involved because the current state of the country does not bode well for its future, she said.

"People don't know what's in the Constitution, so we let lawmakers interpret it for us," she said. "Then we have only a few powerful men making decisions for all of us. We have an oligarchy, and that's not what our founders wanted."

Participants received three books: “The Handbook for We the People," "The Federalist Papers" and "The Citizen's Rule Book." They also received a binder with the presentation information as well as lunch from the Tammy’s Diner’s menu.

Vincent said she anticipates hosting another Constitution Boot Camp in late winter or early spring. She said it’s like Benjamin Franklin said when asked what kind of government the Constitutional Convention had created.

“He said: ‘A republic, if you can keep it,’” Vincent said.

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