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To enforce social distancing, the Franklin County Health Department has asked all restaurants to not allow customers to enter restaurants at all, even to place or pick up a to-go order.

Instead, restaurants without a drive-through window are asked to offer curbside pickup and/or delivery only.

During Monday’s weekly Franklin County COVID-19 update, FCHD Environmental Health Director Kendra Palmer said restaurants were also advised to make sure people couldn’t congregate outside the door.

While some restaurants have complained, Palmer said many restaurants have contacted the health department for guidance on how to best practice social distancing.

Franklin County residents who are concerned about how a business is practicing social distancing can now contact the FCHD as well as a state noncompliance hotline to share their concerns, Palmer said.

To report noncompliance to the FCHD, call 502-564-7832. To report noncompliance to the state hotline, call 1-833-597-2337.

Although dining rooms are closed, public officials are encouraging residents to support local businesses by ordering to-go food often.

“We should do all we can to help support them,” Franklin County Judge-Executive Huston Wells said.

He and Frankfort Mayor Bill May have been monitoring the COVID-19 crisis closely and decided to close many of Frankfort’s parks over the weekend.

On Monday, May said he’s allowing city biking and hiking trails to remain open for now, but if people cannot stay 6 feet apart from one another, he will be forced to close them.

“We feel these actions will save lives,” May said.

Wells and May said that although they’ve made the decision to close parks, that doesn’t mean they want people to stay indoors all the time.

On Monday, they continued to encourage others to go for a walk around their neighborhoods or spend time in their own yards as long as social distancing is being practiced.

FCHD Director Judy Mattingly thanked Wells and May for their dedication and offered some insight into Franklin County’s latest confirmed COVID-19 cases count.

Although Gov. Andy Beshear has announced there are up to six confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Franklin County, Mattingly said FCHD has only been notified of four.

While confusing, Mattingly said the discrepancy in numbers might be that someone who lives in a different county was tested in Franklin County.

Labs are required to report a confirmed case of COVID-19 to the local health departments within 24 hours of confirming a positive case, Mattingly added.

Since FCHD had only received confirmation of four total cases as of Monday morning, that is the number health officials are sticking with.

On Saturday, a 30-year-old Franklin County woman became the fourth person to test positive for COVID-19 locally. Mattingly said the woman is self-isolating at home.

At least one of Franklin County’s COVID-19 victims has fully recovered and is no longer required to self-isolate, but is still practicing social distancing like everyone else, Mattingly said.

Local officials will return to Frankfort Plant Board Cable 10 and Frankfort City Hall’s Facebook page next Monday at 1 p.m. for another COVID-19 update.

Until then, visit or for more information.

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