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This week’s question was: Should high school and college sports resume in the fall?

Lex Hendrix

“If they want to resume sports, also have them resume art programs, choral programs and theater. A lot of these arguments are ‘sports help get athletes through their daily struggles.’ And ‘It’s hard not being able to play a sport you’ve played for years.’ A lot of kiddos in the arts feel the exact same way. I don’t feel like sports should be prioritized. I think our youth needs way more than sports as an outlet with all of this going on.” — Lex Hendrix

Stephanie Everman

“Nope — if they can’t open parks/pools for the summer then they shouldn’t open sports for the fall!” — Stephanie Everman

Blake Jackson

“Absolutely! For quite a few of these student-athletes it is the only thing that gets them through their daily struggles. (For) some of them it is the only reason that they show up to school and ‘squeak by’ with a C. For others it is the only thing that helps them fight depression. And that doesn't even begin to touch what all sports can teach a young person. It teaches them dedication, instills a work ethic not seen by many in today's society, it teaches discipline, it teaches respect, it can take two people with totally different world views and make them into brothers and sisters. Sports at the amature level should never be canceled.” — Blake Jackson

BriAnna Burbridge

“Yes! Being a collegiate athlete, it’s hard not being able to play your last season of the sport you’ve been playing your entire life. And I’m sure being a senior, student-athlete in high school is hard as well. High school seniors use their last year to show off their talents in order for them to get scholarships to attend college. And without these scholarships, some students are unable to attend college because it’s expensive. I know this previous year was very challenging for both high school seniors and college coaches because they weren’t able to recruit like they wanted to. Although the virus is still around, I believe that there are precautions that teams can take into consideration. My college has cut our football and basketball games down so that we won’t be traveling out of state unless it’s necessary for conference and regional play. I have no doubt that the schools' number one priority is to protect their student-athletes and will do anything to make sure they are free of sickness when playing!” — BriAnna Burbridge

Charlie Baglan

“No.” — Charlie Baglan

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