State Journal reporters take to the streets for this weekly feature in which we ask for your opinions on a variety of topics — some weighty, some light.

This week's question was: What shows are you binge watching while being "healthy at home"?

Cheryl Fry Sanders

"We finished Netflix this weekend. Starting on Prime today." — Cheryl Fry Sanders

Zachary Moore

"Ozark" — Zachary Moore

Cassandra Renee Burke

"On Tuesday and Thursday I binge watch 'Ghost Adventures.'" — Cassandra Renee Burke

Chris Southworth

"Jericho" — Chris Southworth

Kathy Henderson Pauley

"Watching 'Vera' now. Finished 'Seamus Macbeth.' Highly recommend both. I don't think watching an episode or so per day qualifies as 'binge watching,' and I also do not believe such activity should be held up to scorn. Just sayin’." — Kathy Henderson Pauley

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