Kentucky saw its highest number of new COVID-19 cases in one day on Tuesday.

During his daily press briefing on the worldwide health crisis, Gov. Andy Beshear revealed Kentucky’s COVID-19 count increased by 39, with 163 confirmed cases. No new deaths were reported.

As of Tuesday, four people had died from the virus statewide and only four people were reported to have fully recovered. Beshear said around a third of positive cases have required hospitalization.

As of Tuesday evening, there were two confirmed cases of the respiratory virus in Franklin County — a 61-year-old woman and a 39-year-old male.

One of the new COVID-19, or novel coronavirus, cases is in a patient who recently attended a “coronavirus party.” Beshear described the party as a group of people in their 20s.

Beshear said no one in the state should be participating in these types of events.

“Don’t be so callous to go to something and expose yourself to something that could kill other people,” Beshear said.

Beshear declined to identify the county where the party took place to protect the patient, who “made a mistake.” Beshear said that person doesn’t deserve to have their life defined by this mistake.

Beshear said he signed a bill on Tuesday to allow schools to have unlimited NTI, or non-traditional instruction, days.

Beshear said he’s working on securing more personal protection equipment for Kentucky’s hospitals and medical offices.

The state received thousands of respirators, surgical masks, face shields and gloves from the national stockpile, but Beshear it isn’t nearly enough and not near the amount the state requested.

The state is also working on securing hotels to become emergency hospitals for COVID-19 patients if needed.

One new step Beshear announced he’s taking to enforce social distancing is an executive order closing all "non-life-sustaining businesses" by 8 p.m. Thursday. The order with more details will be available Wednesday, he said.

Beshear reassured Kentuckians that grocery stores and pharmacies will “always stay open.” He asked people to only purchase a week's worth of groceries instead of a month’s supply.

Beshear said life-sustaining businesses include grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, gas stations, agriculture and more.

Beshear said restaurants can remain open as long as they follow the set guidelines for takeout and delivery only.

Dining rooms at restaurants were closed via executive order last week. Restaurants are allowed to fulfill orders via drive-through windows, curbside pickup and delivery.

“Healthy at home is the best place to be,” Beshear said.

For more information, visit or call the state's hotline at 1-800-722-5725. 

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