The Farmdale Water District office is on Highwood Drive. (Photo by McKenna Horsley)

Farmdale's drinking water no longer requires boiling.

The Farmdale Water District said Friday that the last remaining areas had been cleared from a boil water advisory first issued Sept. 11.

The advisory was lifted Friday afternoon for Ninevah Road, River Valley, Mulholland Beech Road and the Leatherwood subdivision.

Some areas had been removed from the advisory around Sept. 23. 

FWD has been battling low chloramine residuals and aesthetic water quality issues, like taste and odor, since the end of July, according to a statement the water district released at its Friday board meeting. The water district has about 2,700 customer meters.

Since late July, water district workers have been aggressively flushing the whole distribution system. Operators are monitoring total chlorine residuals to watch the quality of the water. 

During September, FWD flushed over 550,000 gallons of water. 

“We are fighting this diligently,” said Rob Gardenire, a commissioner of the water district.

FWD has been in contact with the Kentucky Division of Water, the Kentucky Rural Water Association and Hawkins Chemical about the problem. Louisville Water has reached out to the district as well, the board said in its statement.

Commissioner Richard Tanner said the water district plans to explore some options to avoid this issue in the future and hopes that some rain and cooler weather will also help. Fall temperatures arrived Friday after record-setting heat and drought conditions during September.

The Farmdale district buys water from the Frankfort Plant Board and the water has sufficient quality when it reaches FWD’s system, according to tests, Gardenire said during the meeting. 

The FWD board Friday discussed future communication with customers. In recent months, the water district has not had access to its Facebook page after the owner of the page left the water district. Current FWD workers have been trying to get access through negotiations with Facebook, but it has been a slow process to reclaim the page. 

The board also approved a motion to purchase the One Call Now system for about $2,000. The system would allow the water district to notify customers on specific streets about updates like a boil water advisory with an automatic call. An FWD worker will log the current contact information that the district has for customers into the system, and in the future, the water district will put out a notice for customers to update their information online. 

“Overall, this system is absolutely the way for us to go,” Gardenire said.

One Call Now is used by the Franklin County Schools system, and the Peaks Mill Water District recently approved purchasing the same service for its system. FWD has also been using road signs to place along streets to notify residents of boil water advisories.

With the most recent boil water advisory, the water district bought more signs to cover a wide area. 

Robin Hartman, a spokeswoman for the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, said the district had not been given a notice of violation as of Friday in regard to the low chloramine levels. 

"Our Technical Assistance Branch is working with the water district, assisting with sampling and providing data to help them get the system back up to appropriate levels," Hartman said. 

Customers in the area can find the most recent updates on www.farmdale waterdistrict.com. Board meetings are held on the first Friday of every month at 8:30 a.m. in the water district office on Highwood Drive.

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