FPB Vice Chair Walt Baldwin, center, and Chair Anna Marie Pavlik Rosen, right.

Noticeably absent from the official agenda for Monday's city commission meeting is the matter of filling two seats on the Frankfort Plant Board.

The terms of current Chair Anna Marie Pavlik Rosen and Vice Chair Walt Baldwin expire at midnight Monday. 

Mayor Bill May must nominate Plant Board directors, who in turn must be confirmed by a majority vote of the city commission.

May told The State Journal on Friday that he plans to speak to FPB Director Jeff Bradshaw, who has relocated out of state, before he makes a decision on Plant Board appointments, including the seats of Rosen and Baldwin. They cannot continue serving past Monday unless nominated by May and approved by the commission. The five-member Plant Board could be temporarily down to three members — or even two if Bradshaw leaves the board.

Rosen and Baldwin have faced opposition from city commissioners and FPB colleagues regarding their efforts to review a controversial energy contract with KyMEA. A circuit judge blocked a city commission effort to vacate Baldwin's seat.

This week, Rosen and Baldwin clashed with FPB Directors Stephen Mason and Dawn Hale over a motion in Tuesday's meeting to approve payment of legal bills incurred by Rosen and Baldwin in their dispute with the city of Frankfort.

At a city commission work session earlier in the month, Rosen asked to be reappointed to her FPB seat. May did not attend the meeting.

Here's the full agenda for Monday's meeting:


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