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Stewart Perkins

Stewart Perkins believes in hard work, morals and family values.

He hopes to bring those qualities to Frankfort if he’s elected mayor.

Perkins, who will be 52 in February, is a lifelong Frankfort resident who graduated from Franklin County High School and attended Kentucky State University. Over the years, he’s worked as a farmer and in construction.

Perkins, the son of the late, longtime Franklin County school board member Billy Perkins, said it’s his father’s dedication to the community that inspired him to run for office.

Perkins has never run for office before, but said: “I’m going to give it 110%.”

If elected mayor, Perkins said he wants to focus on giving teachers and police officers raises. He also wants to make sure every child has their own textbooks, which is an issue his children had when they were in school.

However, school districts levy their own taxes and thus don’t receive funds from city or county governments for operational expenses such as salaries and supplies.

Perkins said he's a godly man and wants to “clean the city up.”

He wants to help people who are battling addiction. He believes in getting people the help that they need.

“I want to see people do better and look forward to their future,” Perkins said.

In addition, Perkins said there needs to be improvements in Frankfort’s economy and landlords need to be held accountable for not taking care of their properties.

Perkins is one of five people running for mayor in Frankfort.

He will face Tommy Haynes, Jason Keller, Layne Wilkerson and Rodney Williams in the May 19 primary.

Longtime Mayor Bill May announced on Dec. 26 that he would not seek reelection due to health issues.

The race for mayor is nonpartisan, which means the candidates do not affiliate with a political party.

The top two vote-getters in the primary will advance to the general election on Nov. 3.

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