Our hearts have been warmed by the outpouring of support for Frankfort’s business community, which has been hammered by coronavirus-related restrictions on commerce.

We especially appreciate the emails, text messages and phone calls in support of The State Journal. Our newspaper depends heavily on the health of small businesses, whose advertising accounts for about three-fourths of our revenue and makes it possible for us to publish a daily print edition and provide seven-day online coverage. As other businesses go, so go we.

Some of you have asked how you can help. In the next 48 hours, we expect to have ready a special premium subscription rate that we’re calling “We Support Community Journalism.” If you have the financial means and believe strongly in the importance of a newspaper to keep this community informed, we welcome your voluntary support at this enhanced monthly rate.

If you are a current subscriber, you will be able to convert to this new rate. We, of course, welcome new subscribers.

For price-sensitive customers, our standard rates will continue. We even have a discounted digital-only subscription rate of $3.99 a month, but if you have the means to pay more, we ask you to do so.

In the interim, we soldier on in service to Frankfort. The print edition will be smaller for the foreseeable future as our journalists work remotely and we work to minimize the cost of production. We’ll make it sure it’s big enough to provide vital local coverage of COVID-19 and its impact on this community. To date, that has included 100 news stories by our staff on the coronavirus alone, not to mention all of the regular community news we continue to cover. 

Because it’s impossible to be timely in print with a story that evolves literally by the minute, State-Journal.com will be more vital than ever as a means of keeping you informed. We invite you to visit our website many times a day.

Email me at steve.stewart@state-journal or call me at 502-209-6994 with comments or questions.

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