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The Peaks Mill Water District has sought the help of a consultant to help end a boil water advisory that has been in effect for nearly two months. 

Frankfort-Franklin County Emergency Management Director Tommy Russell announced in Friday’s Fiscal Court meeting that the district hired a consultant from Louisville Water to monitor the system in order to address a boil water advisory that has been affecting 175 residences or about 500 people in Peaks Mill for almost 50 days. PMWD Chairman Church Quarles said Monday that the water district will meet with representatives from Louisville Water soon to begin that process. 

“We have been in contact with Louisville Water. They were recommended to us by the Division of Water,” Quarles said. 

Kentucky Division of Water Director Peter Goodmann said in a public meeting last Tuesday that Louisville Water is one of the top water companies in the country and would be willing to help the water district fix some of its problems. 

Another possible solution in the works for some areas in the water district is to temporarily connect to Kentucky American Water in Owen County, Quarles said Monday. A recent modeling study shows that the connection could work for Indian Gap, Peaks Mill Road, Stillhouse Road and Camp Pleasant. The connection could help with some nitrification issues, or problems with the process of getting ammonia in the water to oxidize to nitrate, that the water district is seeing in those areas and bring in younger, fresher water, Quarles said. Kentucky American was still working an estimated cost as of Monday. 

In last Tuesday's meeting with residents, Quarles said that PMWD was cited for having low chlorine levels and had about 20 days to submit a plan to correct the issue to the Division of Water. On Monday, Quarles said the water district hopes to have a draft of the plan together by the end of the week and hold an emergency board meeting Friday or next Monday to review it. 

Quarles said that chlorine levels should be at about 0.5 parts per million at a minimum, but the areas under a boil water advisory are around 0.2 parts per million. The water district would like that to be higher, as Quarles said that water coming from the Frankfort Plant Board into PMWD has levels around 2 parts per million and loses that when going through 40 to 50 miles of lines. 

Russell said that on Thursday, PMWD met with the Plant Board, Kentucky American, Louisville Water and county officials, including 4th District Magistrate Scotty Tracy, who represents Peaks Mill. In addition to hiring the consultant from Louisville Water and temporarily hooking onto Kentucky American, Russell said that the water district was looking at extra chloramine pumps on the back end of its system. Russell said that in the combination of those actions, he hopes the water district is moving in the right direction in order to resolve the problem.

“For me to sit here and tell you all that this issue will be resolved in the next five days, we cannot say that,” Russell told fiscal court members. “This is an extremely complicated issue.”

Russell said that his office will take note of these factors and give a summer forecast in the spring to allow water districts time to prepare for future issues. Things like low chlorine levels can be contributed to persistent heat. 

“I don’t believe that Peaks Mill Water District will get behind the 8-ball next year,” Russell said on Friday. 

Here’s a list of the roads under the boil water advisory in Peaks Mill. Water must be boiled for three minutes before drinking or using to cook. 

  • Peaks Mill Road from 6700 Peaks Mill Road to Stillhouse Hollow 

  • All of Stillhouse Hollow Road

  • Indian Gap Road

  • 3500 and above on Union Ridge 

  • Camp Pleasant 

  • Mt. Vernon Road 

  • Mt Vernon Ridge 

  • Gregory Woods 

  • Kays Branch 

  • King Lane 

  • Teresita 

  • Harmony 

  • Payton Ridge 

  • Cedar Road

  • Oakland/Sharp Road

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