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Some residences were added while others were removed in the Peaks Mill Water District boil water advisory. 

Friday marks 38 days since the advisory was first issued to water district customers. 

As of Thursday, the roads under the advisory are: 

  • Peaks Mill Road from 6700 Peaks Mill Rd. to Stillhouse Hollow 
  • All of Stillhouse Hollow Road
  • Indian Gap Road
  • 3500 and above on Union Ridge 
  • Camp Pleasant 
  • Mt. Vernon Road 
  • Mt Vernon Ridge 
  • Gregory Woods 
  • Kays Branch 
  • King Lane 
  • Teresita 
  • Harmony 
  • Payton Ridge 
  • Cedar Road
  • Oakland/Sharp Road

During a boil water advisory, water must be boiled for three full minutes before drinking the water or using it to cook. 

PMWD customers under the advisory can pick up bottled water, which is available at two locations: Franklin County Fire Station located at 9091 Owenton Road and Monterey Fire Station located at 40 Sawdridge Road, across from Ellis Market. The Monterey station is a volunteer fire department, so pick up water before 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. at the latest. Contact numbers are Larry House at 502-209-0023 and Charlie Riddle at 502-750-0677. 

PMWD issues information about the boil water advisory on its Facebook page, on its website and through the Ready Frankfort app, which is managed by the Frankfort-Franklin County Office of Emergency Management and is available on iOS and Android smart phones.

The next board meeting of the Peaks Mill Water District is on Tuesday, Sept. 10 at the water district’s office at 7165 U.S. 127 North. The meeting, which begins at 7 p.m., is open to the public, and some customers plan to attend.

According to Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet spokeswoman Robin Hartman, the state of Kentucky has had over 2,380 boil water advisories this year. The cabinet's database on advisories dates back to 2015 and the average length of a boil water advisory is three days. 

The longest boil water advisory in the state was for Stanton Water Works in Stanton, Kentucky and lasted from October 2015 to January 2016 for 91 days, Hartman said. The advisory affected 30 customers. 

"That was due to bridge construction," she said. 

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