Frankfort police say they have identified a "person of interest" in their investigation of an alleged hate crime in the parking lot of Kroger in Franklin Square Shopping Center last week.

Marian Renee Moore said she and and her young daughter returned to their car after shopping to find a racial slur scrawled across the door. They didn’t make a police report at the time but posted a photo of their vandalized vehicle on Facebook.

“Yesterday my wife and little girl were victims of a hate crime,” Ron Moore said in a Facebook post dated Friday, one day after the incident. “Obviously someone was watching my wife & little girl as they went into the store. We both were 'shaken' for hours.”

Ron Moore said he prayed the perpetrator would be forgiven and the person's heart healed.

“As soon as I saw it, of course, I was infuriated,” said City Commissioner Katrisha Waldridge.


Waldridge said she drove to Kroger, but no managers were available at the time to show her security camera footage. Waldridge immediately contacted the FPD.


“I called the chief and said you guys need to get on this. We need to know who this is.”


According to Waldridge, within hours the police had reviewed security camera footage and identified an alleged perpetrator.


"We do have a person of interest, but we still need to interview him,” FPD Capt. Dustin Bowman told The State Journal on Wednesday.


No charges have been filed but could range from a criminal mischief misdemeanor to a felony, in which case it would go before a grand jury for indictment, Bowman said


At Monday’s city commission meeting, Waldridge publicly thanked FPD Chief Chuck Adams for the department’s swift action.


“He’s the one that led the charge,” she said. “We do not accept that behavior in our town and I do not want anyone to think that’s appropriate, no matter what the issue is.”

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