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Will Prible

City commission candidate Will Prible believes Frankfort is on the cusp of something pretty great.

This is the first time the 41-year-old father of two has run for public office.

Prible, a Virginia Beach native, has called Frankfort home since 2007.

During the week, Prible works in information technology as a contract employee for state government.

On weekends, Prible is a tour guide at Buffalo Trace Distillery. He credits his work at Buffalo Trace and being a board member of the Frankfort Bourbon Society for his tourism knowledge and his ideas on how Frankfort can work to improve tourism.

“I feel like we’re really missing an opportunity, especially as the state capital, that we have a lot more going on than just Buffalo Trace,” Prible said. “I’m proud of Buffalo Trace, obviously, but I’m proud of our town too.”

Prible wants to explore more ways to get people to visit Frankfort and stay a little longer, such as displaying more of the work of artist Paul Sawyier, for whom Frankfort’s library is named.

Prible, a South Frankfort resident, would also like to see the city be more aggressive with code enforcement.

“There is a responsibility when you own property to take care of it, manage it,” Prible said. “I feel like it's the broken window idea that when one piece of property starts to dilapidate it influences the homes around it.”

By making sure properties in Frankfort are kept in good condition, Prible believes that could help population growth.

“As a city commission, our job is to entice folks,” Prible said. “Yes, operating the city is a big piece of it, but I think it's getting people excited about what Frankfort is. And it goes beyond getting people to move here, but getting people to come here and to to play a role in in our community as visitors or folks choosing to stay.”

Prible is one of 12 people running for four city commission seats.

Others are Harry Carver, Tim Childers, Shannon Griffith, Kelly May, Anna Marie Rosen, Diane Strong, Brent Sweger, Kyle Thompson, Leesa Unger and incumbents Katrisha Waldridge and Eric Whisman.

The race for city commission is nonpartisan, which means none of the candidates affiliate with a political party.

The primary election is May 19. The top eight candidates will move on to the general election on Nov. 3.

The top four candidates in the general election will be elected to the city commission.

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