Chris Quire

Franklin County Sheriff Chris Quire is sworn in by Franklin Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd, right, at the courthouse in January.

Though it’s his first property tax collection rodeo, Sheriff Chris Quire and his staff has been especially busy since the season officially opened on Friday.

In the first two collection days — Friday and Monday — 1,593 bills totaling more than $1.88 million were paid, the sheriff said.

“We collected and processed 7% of the 23,193 tax bills,” Quire told The State Journal on Monday afternoon.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office mailed out the tax bills to property owners on Oct. 24. Residents who pay before Nov. 30 receive a 2% discount.

“I have had to push meetings back and get to work helping the front office collect to keep long lines down and process the large mail volume,” the sheriff added.

His office will send out reminders toward the end of the month to encourage homeowners to take advantage of the discount.

Due to the office’s holiday schedule and the collection period due dates, FCSO will accept a postmark as proof of timely payment.

Those who pay between Dec. 1-31 will pay the base amount. A 5% penalty is included for taxes collected Jan. 1-31. The 21% penalty period is from Feb. 1 to April 15.

For those with an escrow account, FCSO suggests contacting the mortgage company to see if it requires a copy of your tax bill. 

For questions about county property tax collection, call FCSO at 502-875-8740 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

“We appreciate all the taxpayers having patience in the line and we enjoy seeing taxpayers in good spirits,” Quire said. “It's great to see this high of collections already.”

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