Frankfort’s new recycling program is underway.

City officials announced that on Monday the reduced rates for trash receptacles and overflow bags were implemented through Oct. 1. The move comes in reaction to certain recyclables, notably paper, no longer being accepted by the Lexington Recycling Center. And any recycling carts containing items no longer accepted after Aug. 1 will be tagged and not emptied. Repeat violators could be fined or have their recycling cart taken.

Frankfort has reduced the upsize fee to larger trash carts from $50 to $25. After Oct. 1, the upsize fee will again be $50. The city will indefinitely not allow downsizing of recycling carts, in hopes that the recycling issue will only be temporary.

The price of overflow bags has also been reduced from now through Oct. 1 from $6 per roll to $4. They are available for purchase at both Kroger locations, officials noted.

All garbage/household trash must be in containers for pickup.

The recyclable items are plastic bottles and jugs, aluminum cans and steel cans, and corrugated cardboard.

The nonrecyclable items are paper products of all types, glass bottles and jars, plastic bags or plastic wrap, any type of Styrofoam, plastic or metal hangers, plastic cups or bowls and clamshell packages.

To scheduled a cart change or for more information, call the Division of Solid Waste at 502-875-8527 or Public Works at 502-352-2088.

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