To add some excitement to their days, many families are taking part in the city’s newest attraction, Frankfort’s Drive-by Zoo.

Frankfort’s Drive-by Zoo is a Facebook group created March 22 by Aimee Cox, where members put a stuffed animal somewhere visible from the street, either inside or outside of their home, so families driving or walking by can find the “zoo animal” at their house.

Members are asked to post the type of animal and the street or neighborhood it is in for families to try to find.

"Frankfort is a nice community that needs a safe, family friendly and quarantine approved activity that anyone can participate in," Cox said about the group that she created, which was inspired by a bear hunt taking place in Lawrenceburg and a yard decorating initiative in Georgetown.

As of Friday evening, the group is up to 1,263 members.

Tammy West posted that she put a teddy bear in a window of her home on Williamsburg Road for kids to look for, while Patty Bennett Brooks put E.T. in the window of her home on Leawood Drive telling passersby that he’s waiting for Gov. Andy Beshear’s 5 p.m. update.

Over on Springhill Lane, Mae B. Lewis lined her collection of teddy bears at a window, and on Seminole Trail, Wendy Roberts put her flamingo friends on display in her front yard.

Even businesses are participating. Sig Luscher Brewery placed a stuff animal outside their business on Mero Street. 

"Inciting community wide participation gets families out of the house to have fun hunting for zoo animals that can easily tie into learning activities, make Frankfort residents aware of their town demographic and get businesses and residents involved in spreading fun and promoting a sense of unity during this time of isolation for many," Cox said.

"It has been fantastic seeing so many share and get entire neighborhoods to join in this endeavor."

To participate in the hunt, join the Frankfort’s Drive-by Zoo group on Facebook.

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