For someone who wants to be a fiction author, volunteering at a library seems to be a perfect job. For 18-year-old Felicia McCroskey, a senior at Franklin County High School, it’s been the very job she’s held for several years.

“I started in the summer before the seventh grade,” she said. “I did so well they asked me to work all year.”

During the school year she volunteers in the Youth Services area of the Paul Sawyier Public Library. In the summer she has a paying job at the library as a page, working behind the desk checking books in and out, among other things.

All of that will end in August, however, as she heads off to Western Kentucky University. “It’s been a good experience here,” she said. “I hope I can volunteer or work in the library there.”

There may not be much time for that, however, since she’s planning to pursue majors in English and psychology coupled with a minor in sales. McCroskey, who moved to Frankfort from Oklahoma as a small child with her mother, Lynne, will be attending WKU on a Cherry Presidential Scholarship, the school’s most prestigious academic award.

“I’ll be one of 15 with that scholarship,” she said. “Along with some other money, my education there will be fully covered.”

Her work to be among the top students graduating in the spring from FCHS is paying off. “I have the leadership experience and the grades and was able to compete for a top scholarship.”

Among the many clubs and activities she’s participated in while at FCHS, she was also in Governor’s Scholars last summer — along with working at the library.

While her goal is to write fiction that is published and sells, she’s realistic enough to know that rarely happens overnight. She plans to combine her majors to become a consumer psychologist to analyze customers for companies to aid them in advertising and targeting the right audience.

Thus, psychology and sales; the English will be good for everything.

She already has a short story on the shelf in the Youth Services area at the library. It’s “The Haunted House on 13th Street,” which she wrote when 13.

“It’s categorized as ‘young adult’ reading,” she said. “It’s a realistic fantasy thriller. It’s been checked out nine times!”

McCroskey said she likes books and writing. “It’s novels I want to write — no comics, drawing or sci-fi!”

At FCHS she also holds several leadership roles in a variety of clubs and organizations. Academically, she’s in the National Honor Society and is a member of the Beta Club. A lifelong Girl Scout, McCroskey just received the Gold Award, which is like becoming an Eagle Scout for boys, she explained.

“I’ve competed in the Miss Franklin Count Pageant, too,” she said. “This year I won Miss Scholarship!”

This summer, her last before heading off to Bowling Green, she’ll be working at the library and traveling with her grandmother Kathryn Lyles to Spain.

“I’ve taken a lot of Spanish and am anxious to get the chance to try it out,” she said.

Her time as a volunteer and summer employee at the library is ending. But, she feels, the experience will serve her well in future endeavors.

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