Frankfort tourism agency finds new home

The Frankfort-Franklin County Tourist and Convention Commission’s new location at 300 St. Clair Street.

While the number of walk-in visitors has decreased at the Frankfort/Franklin County Tourist and Convention Commission, the reach of the organization’s website has grown in recent months. 

The tourism commission moved to the bottom floor of the McClure Building from the Gooch House on Capital Avenue on May 15. Last year, the number of walk-in visitors was almost 550 for the first half of the year. So far this year, about 480 visitors have been recorded.

Executive Director Robin Antenucci said she wasn’t sure of the reason, but she noted that the new office on St. Clair Street has less parking than the Gooch House did. She presented the data to the commission’s board members Thursday.

More walk-ins have been from local residents who want to see the new location, Antenucci said, adding that people are able to find the new location easily as well. 

“We are more technology-friendly with our website available on mobile devices, so do people need to come here as much now that we have a mobile tool for them? I don’t know,” Antenucci said. 

Antenucci said the commission has only recently been able to track data on its website, so there isn't any historic data from last year. In April, when the agency began tracking it, web traffic was more than 3,300 sessions and has been growing each month since. July’s website traffic was more than 10,800.

Through the data that is collected from the website, Antenucci said, the commission can see where website users are. Nashville, Ohio and Indiana have been ranking high among locations of website visitors, she said. The commission can use the data to track other areas that it can market to. 

During Thursday’s meeting, the board began discussing its Capital Visitors’ Guide for 2020 and 2021. Antenucci noted that in some ways, the website is another form of that guide. 

The report with data about visitors’ interaction with the commission also included its reach on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook from May to July. The commission's Twitter account had over 22,900 impressions in that time frame and Facebook posts from the commission had more than 22,400 engagements and reached more than 19,000 Facebook users. The Instagram account has more than 1,100 followers. 

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