State Journal reporters take to the streets for this weekly feature in which we ask for your opinions on a variety of topics — some weighty, some light.

This week's question was: Do you think city and county governments should join forces with the school districts to help them better their athletic complexes?


"Definitely. It would show that the city and county governments are invested in our children. I have two young children and I'd like to see them have nice complexes to play on." — Aaron Vossmer with son Graham, 4


"It's always good to be able to pool resources. To have support of schools by the city and county governments shows that they support the students. It strengthens the community." — Christina Means


"Absolutely. Physical fitness is one of the most important things we can teach children. It’s something they can use as they grow older. It instills lifelong fitness." — Thomas Arnwine


"I would say yes. Athletics help kids of lesser fortunes have something. They should have nice fields." — Destany Smith

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