Katherine Woods

“I don’t find it necessary to enter the Capitol building while armed. There are trained law enforcement and security professionals present, therefore I don’t understand why carrying a firearm while visiting would be warranted.” — Katherine Woods

Kumar Rashad

“I don't think guns belong in government buildings. Furthermore, if a group of armed African American men went into the Capitol, would legislators be as accommodating? Of course not.” — Kumar Rashad

Hanna Boggs

“I have a military background and come from a family of hunters. Guns have never been a fear for myself, but a healthy respect was always warranted. I feel that guns should be allowed into the Capitol. As long as the person doing so has the proper training and certification, that they are aware a moment could come when they would need to draw their weapon and end the life of another. As long as the proper steps for evaluating such states of mind, capabilities and understanding have been taken, I believe it shouldn’t be an issue.” — Hanna Boggs

Wix Criscillis

“I have no problems with firearms at the Capitol. Having said that, I agree on the ban in the Supreme Court, as well as in the House and Senate chambers. Politicians have long been targets. They are representing us all. To destroy government is to cripple its citizens. That warrants an extra layer of sovereign security. Be sure, if someone enters armed, they will draw surveillance and scrutiny.” — Wix Criscillis


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