State Journal reporters take to the streets and social media for this weekly feature in which we ask for your opinions on a variety of topics — some weighty, some light. This week’s question was: Do you think race relations have gotten better or worse in Frankfort?


"Having been born and raised in Frankfort, I feel the only improvement on race relations has been about the black populace accepting white people. I don’t think there’s been a lot of acceptance among the white majority with black people unless it’s been beneficial to them. My hope for the future is that white supremacy will be non-existent.” — Gary Payne


“When I moved here 20 years ago, I moved here and felt like an outsider because I wasn’t born here. I was not raised to hate. I have been subject to encountering black people who don’t like white people. I have observed it — like not wanting to shake your hand, things like that. I understand how to treat people with manners, politeness and kindness, and learn the better part of people. Hate takes too much energy. If you fill things up with love, kindness and acceptance, you’re not going to have many issues.” — Christina Benson


"I have been here 50 years. I think things have gotten better — that doesn't mean that the police haven’t tried to arrest my husband. But, this is a place I feel comfortable. People have learned to respect each other, which is the key. That will make matters better.” — Betty Gibson


"It’s hard to say. I’ll say better, just because of the people I know. I want it to get even better and for people to listen to each other. It’s important for white people to listen to black people. As white people, we miss a lot." — David Rome

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