State Journal reporters take to the streets for this weekly feature in which we ask for your opinions on a variety of topics — some weighty, some light.

This week's question was: What would you like to see replace Pic-Pac?

Monica Waiters

“Another grocery store for the senior citizens and the elderly who walk and depend on that store.” — Monica Waiters

Kyle Meadows

“Perhaps a shelter for women who don’t have kids but they’re in need of shelter.” — Kyle Meadows

Rahhmel McGahee

“A Southern spot. Some food you don’t normally get. Who’s got a soul food restaurant downtown? No one.” — Rahhmel McGahee

Candy Charters

“Another food store, but maybe offering a little more interesting food but at decent prizes. I’m picturing a smaller-scale, way less expensive Whole Foods.” — Candy Charters

Benny Yett

“A delicatessen. Old people can’t do it. They don’t like to cook, they can’t walk. I just hope they do something good with it.” — Benny Yett

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