18 Years Since 9/11

The Twin Towers at The World Trade Center were on fire on Sept. 11, 2001.

The State Journal asked Facebook readers to share where they were on Sept. 11, 2001?

Amanda Mattingly

Sixth grade Bible class at the Frankfort Christian Academy. My mom, who was the administrative assistant, ran in and said an airplane had flown into the first tower and we turned on the TV and watched it all unfold. I'll never forget that moment. — Amanda Mattingly

Lyris Childs

I was working at Deferred Comp. We had our own offices and I heard on the radio that a plane crashed into one of the twin towers. I went next door to my coworker and asked if she heard it and she said no. Shortly after that some more coworkers came out of their offices and we all gathered in the conference room to watch it on TV. It was so surreal and scary. I picked my daughter up after school and she asks did I hear about it and that they watched it on TV too. I watched all the coverage nonstop. I was in shock and cried in disbelief. I remember the news telling people not to watch, but I just had to know how our country would survive this. I’ll never forget this day... — Lyris Childs

Kim Murphy

At home with my daughter who was almost 1, watching the Today Show; not believing what happened. I called my mom at work to see if she knew what was happening. Scared! — Kim Murphy

Katie Hood

Getting ready to go to the state EMS conference in Owensboro with Becky Long Cottongim. We watched the second plane hit at the CHR Building. — Katie Hood

Gayle Gray

I was working in the library at Frankfort High School. I got a call from the office and turned on the television. Students came into the library all day and we just watched it all happen. — Gayle Gray

Mary Pat Townsend

At work. Got a page call from my daughter to let me know mom called to let us know she was OK. She lived in midtown Manhattan. She lost 11 first responder friends from her local firehouse that morning. They loved and greeted her every morning on her way to work. Heroes! — Mary Pat Townsend

Cassandra Renee Burke

I was in first grade and I remember my mom picking me and my sister up from school. — Cassandra Renee Burke

Michele Lynn Barnes

I was working in a federal building in Frankfort when it happened. We were put on lockdown. I was so scared because I was all my children had and all I wanted to do was go to them and hold them. — Michele Lynn Barnes

Caitlin Owen

Sixth grade homeroom at BMS. — Caitlin Owen

Troi Johnson Cunningham

I was working at the Department for Public Health and was the state's on-call person for infectious diseases and bioterrorism that week. We weren't sure what was going to happen next or where we'd be by the day's end, so I made arrangements for my son to be picked up in case I couldn't be there. Scary stuff. — Troi Johnson Cunningham

Lori M. Hardin-Lynch

Sleeping in with my year-old daughter and my mom called and was shocked I was not awake, up and watching TV. I did get up and saw the second tower get hit and the other events of the day as well. I recorded most all of the news and events that day and I have special edition magazines related to this event. My oldest daughter was in elementary school at Bridgeport and they chose not to share with students but to let their parents tell them when they arrived home. It was such a horrible tragedy, very sad and scary times. Even today, I think about the what ifs. — Lori M. Hardin-Lynch

Andrea Allen

I was working in the governor's office. We had co-workers headed to the twin towers for a meeting. The planes had crashed into the first building before they made it there. The National Guard swarmed the Capitol right after the first plane crash. Sad and scary day for America. — Andrea Allen

Stephanie Barnett

I was a junior at WHHS sitting in science class. When it first happened we thought it was a horrific accident until the second plane. I remember everyone freaking out when it was discovered that it was on purpose, no one felt safe, kids were calling parents to come get them, etc. It was unreal. — Stephanie Barnett

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