State Journal reporters take to the streets for this weekly feature in which we ask for your opinions on a variety of topics — some weighty, some light.

In honor of Presidents Day, this week's question was: Who is your favorite president and why? 

Amani Wagner.JPG

"My favorite president is Barack Obama, not only because he was the first African American president, but I also went to his inauguration and that was very special." - Amani Wagner

Michael McLeod.JPG

"Franklin Delano Roosevelt, because he got the United States out of the Great Depression with his New Deal. He got everybody back to working." - Michael McLeod

Donna Campbell.JPG

"Abraham Lincoln, because he freed the slaves." - Donna Campbell

Toni Jones.JPG

"I think Barack Obama was my favorite president. I just think he was the most eloquent. He handled the job outstanding as a classy citizen. And he tried to make everyone feel like their cause mattered." - Toni Jones 

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