It would not be farfetched to say the first Dachtoberfest on Friday and Saturday at Lakeview Park was a success. Sponsored by Kentucky Dachshund Rescue (KDR), the event drew dog lovers from surrounding counties and states to celebrate their love of the stumpy, long-bodied, floppy-eared breed. 

“The goal is to raise money,” said Richmond-based Amanda Bowling, intake coordinator for KDR. She noted that a few of the group's dachshunds have heartworm issues and the treatment cost is $560 per dog. “Hopefully, we can raise enough money to cover their costs.”

The rescue organization is entirely volunteer-operated and places dachshunds in foster homes throughout Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee and Indiana. It accepts any dachshund or dachshund mix. 

“Some are surrenders,” said Mary Patton-Morris, a volunteer who often transports dogs to their foster homes. “The person that owns them dies or gets sick or something, so we get them from humane societies and boarding situations. The KDR pays vet bills while they’re in foster homes so they’re successful in their real homes.”

“Thank goodness for good people,” Bowling said. “The community’s been great here. Several businesses donated a basket.”

All the money raised from gift baskets goes straight to KDR.

Robert Parr and his wife, Cheryl, who volunteers for KDR, drove nearly three hours from southern Indiana to participate in the weekend’s event. They own six dachshunds. Cheryl conducts home inspections for people hoping to adopt a dog. 

The fundraising event featured a dog costume contest, live music, car show, food trucks, wine-tasting and vendors selling lemonade, crafts and CBD oil for humans and dogs. The Franklin County Humane Society set up a booth to encourage adoptions. 

On Saturday afternoon, 40 dachshunds competed in eight different heats in a weiner dog race.

Frankfort residents Danielle Craig, Anita Collins and Annyette Hocker brought dachshunds Chocolate and Ramsey to the event. When asked if the dogs were going to race, Collins said, “Look how wide she is? She’s spoiled.” Craig said, “She runs pretty quick, usually in circles.”

Exploding out of the gate, the dogs bolted, wobbled and crisscrossed back and forth to the finish line as families with their children laughed and cheered.

“To help more dogs, that’s what it’s all about,” said Bowling. 

Either way, this weekend, weiners were the winners.

To learn how you can support KDR, visit or call 502-863-5977. 

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