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Tylenol products were essentially out of stock at Frankfort' Walmart on Sunday. (Jordan Hensley/The State Journal) 

As predicted by local, state and federal officials, the supply chain is starting to balance back out after COVID-19 "panic shoppers" depleted stores of essential grocery items last month. 

The State Journal visited Kroger West and Walmart on Sunday to see how well items are stocked. 

At both stores, fresh produce, canned goods, bottled water, beer, milk, cheese, bread, deli meat, chips and other snacks were all well stocked.

What's in no or limited stock?

1. Toilet paper and paper towels

Both Kroger West and Walmart were out of name-brand toilet paper and large packs of toilet paper. While Kroger West did not have any toilet paper on the shelves early Sunday afternoon, Walmart had four-packs of off-brand rolls of toilet paper and two-packs of Walmart brand paper towels.

A sign on the shelves at Walmart asked shoppers to buy just one pack of each paper product per customer.

2. Tylenol

While cold medicine was well-stocked in both stores, Tylenol was scarce at Walmart.

Recently, there have been reports circulating on social media claiming people with COVID-19 should avoid taking ibuprofen or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and take Tylenol instead. The reports claim NSAIDs can make the virus worse.

The State Journal recently interviewed Frankfort’s Dr. James D. Quarles, who said he has not seen any scientific proof that Tylenol is better to take than ibuprofen.

On March 18, the World Health Organization announced it is not recommending against taking ibuprofen to treat COVID-19 symptoms. 

Since then, WHO has not changed their stance.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on March 19 it has found no evidence to support the claim that ibuprofen is harmful in COVID-19 patients, but the agency continues to investigate the issue further. 

3. Pasta and rice

Both Kroger West and Walmart had a light stock of rice and pasta products on Sunday.

While Walmart’s pasta and rice aisle was a little more stocked than Kroger West’s, Walmart’s was void of the classic square packages of Maruchan Ramen noodle soup.

4. Cleaning supplies

If you’re looking for cleaning wipes, sprays and bleach, good luck.

While both stores had some bathroom and toilet cleaner in stock, all brands of cleaning wipes, sprays and bleach were out of stock.

5. Pork and ground beef

Kroger West’s meat supply was plentiful on Sunday, but Walmart’s was not.

Walmart had a light stock of ground beef, chicken and turkey while the pork section was barren.

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