Two magistrates on the Franklin County Fiscal Court were issued cellphones during their current terms.

A reader asked who pays for these cellphones, which were listed as an agenda item for the fiscal court’s Jan. 30 meeting.

Deputy Judge-Executive Tambra Harrod said that not all magistrates have cellphones issued by county government. The total annual expense for the phones is $1,045.92, she said.

“There are currently two magistrates that made the request for county phones, Michael Mueller and Sherry Sebastian,” Harrod said.

Sebastian, the 1st District magistrate, and Mueller, the 3rd District magistrate, took office in January.

The reader also was under the impression that magistrates are considered part-time employees, but they are actually considered full-time employees. Franklin County Treasurer Susan Laurenson said that no part-time county employees are allotted cellphones.

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