You Asked: What is the deadline for collecting campaign yard signs?

A lone campaign sign stands on the corner of Debbie Drive and Schenkel Lane. (Chanda Veno/State Journal)

According to city ordinance, all political and campaign signs should be removed within five days after an election. The 2018 general election occurred on Nov. 6, which gave candidates until the 11th to collect yard signs.

Franklin County regulations aren’t as strict. Property owners, who are responsible for removing the signs, are given a 10-day post-election window in which to collect yard signs, which are only permitted on a temporary basis.

County Planning Supervisor Ben Judah said staff members don’t drive around looking for violators.

“We do more of a complaint-driven enforcement,” he said. “If we receive a complaint, we go out and address it.”

After the city ordinance’s five-day period has concluded, city staff will investigate complaints and notify property owners who are non-compliant. Violators may be subject to action in District Court, the city ordinance states.

With the exception of government property, political and campaign signs may be displayed on any property. No fee or permit is required, but signs must meet certain criteria outlined by the city, including:

• No signs are allowed within or over any public right-of-way.

• Signs should not be attached to trees, utility poles or fences.

• Signs should not obstruct the vision of pedestrians, cyclists or motorists traveling on or entering public streets.

• Signs should not exceed 32 square feet in size or six feet in height.

• Written consent of the property owner should be obtained before installing the sign.

Jordan Miller, a city planner whose department looks into campaign sign complaints, reiterated that signs cannot be placed in public right-of-ways unless given prior approval. He added that city staff collected more than 100 such signs in neighborhood-enhancement sweeps last year.

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