A Lafayette Drive pothole is on the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s radar, an official said.

A reader asked if the pothole on Lafayette Drive, which steeply slopes from Louisville Road to the Capitol, is on the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s maintenance list. The pothole is on the right side of the road as drivers approach the Capitol complex from the west.

“It is definitely something that we are working on. It’s not just a simple patching project,” said Andrea Clifford, KYTC District 5 information officer.

Clifford said the Transportation Cabinet has received complaints about the pothole since last fall, but it does not have a record of how many complaints have been filed.

Clifford said the cabinet has been out to the pothole to patch several times within the past year, including a few fixes in the past three weeks. She said that the cabinet maintains the road to the stop sign and that the road after is maintained by the Capitol’s maintenance crews.

A project to dig up and resurface some of the road is underway, Clifford said. The issue is in the roadbed. Right now, the cabinet is designing the project and has not advertised for contract bids. The project could begin this fall or in the spring, she said.

Clifford advised drivers to follow the speed limit, which is 35 mph, on the hill. Driving carefully and not exceeding the speed limit may lessen the impact a car will take when driving over the pothole.

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