You Asked: Who is in charge of cleaning Wilkinson Boulevard?

Trucks are dragging dirt from the exit of the construction site, next to the Capital Plaza Hotel, out onto Wilkinson Boulevard creating a muddy mess. (Chanda Veno/State Journal)

A mix of an abundance of precipitation and a steady stream of construction vehicles coming and going from the site of the Capital Plaza redevelopment project has left portions of Wilkinson Boulevard caked in mud.

While Wilkinson Boulevard technically falls under the city’s jurisdiction, the contractor, D.W. Wilburn, is responsible for any debris carried into the roadway from the construction site of the new state office building, said Keith Parker, who currently serves as both deputy director of public works and interim co-city manager.

“Please contact the public works division at 502-352-2088 with any complaints related to dirt, rock or any other debris around construction sites and they will address this with the contractor through their permit that is on file with the city,” Parker told The State Journal Thursday evening.

Following the Capital Plaza Tower implosion, D.W. Wilburn contracted crews to help clean up the dust created by the demolition. A small fleet of street sweepers and crew started at the perimeter and worked their way to areas with the largest concentration of dust. It took the crews less than 20 minutes to have Wilkinson Boulevard cleared.

The Frankfort Street Division is in charge of roadway maintenance on city-owned streets, including Wilkinson Boulevard, as well as drainage ditches, storm drains and storm pipe in city right-of-ways and easements. The department has a street sweeper and flusher truck in its fleet. However, due to cold weather, it is used on a limited basis from December to the beginning of March.

“On days that temperature allows, the sweeper is brought back out to collect materials from the streets,” Parker said, adding that the city operates the sweeper Monday through Friday from mid-March to November.

Street sweepers don’t just clean dirt and dust. They can also be used to pick up trash, chemicals, motor oil and other environmental contaminants.

The City of Frankfort Code of Ordinances Traffic Code 71.30 states that any driver of a vehicle spilling rubbish, rocks or refuse shall immediately stop the vehicle and remove it from the street.

In the spring, city engineers assess all city streets to ascertain which are in need of paving. The street department is also in charge of snow removal in the winter and leaf collection in the fall.

The Franklin County Road Department, which is in charge of 200 miles of roads, performs similar services for residents outside the city limits.

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