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WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS: The sidewalk on Schenkel Lane runs from Thornhill Bypass to Comanche Trail. A State Journal reader asked why the sidewalk hasn't been extended to run the length of the street. (Chanda Veno | State Journal)

Two readers — one who lives near Hardee’s on Schenkel Lane and the other a motorist who noticed students walking alongside the roadway — recently reached out to The State Journal to ask why the busy street — from Thornhill Bypass to Steadmantown Lane — lacks sidewalks.

Basically, it boils down to financing the project, said Katie Beard, Frankfort public works director and city engineer.

“Our current policy dedicates funding to repairs of existing sidewalks first,” she explained, adding that her department gets numerous requests for the walkways along that stretch of Schenkel Lane.

Beard said that city staff is working on a long-term sidewalk plan for the city and that extending the sidewalk the length of Schenkel Lane from Thornhill Bypass to Steadmantown Lane will be considered.

She estimated the cost for the project at approximately $350,000.

“In discussions with WalkBike Frankfort, which also advocates for this connectivity, the city discussed phasing this extension,” Beard added. “A phased approach will allow us to provide pedestrian access in a safe, efficient manner.”

In late 2016, the city completed a four-year, three-phase installation of sidewalks on the opposite side of Schenkel Lane from Thornhill Bypass to East Main Street, which also included a pedestrian bridge. Beard envisions a similar plan coming together for the remainder of the street.

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