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As the saying goes, there are two things in life that are guaranteed: death and taxes. 

A State Journal reader recently asked: Why do senior citizens have to pay school taxes when they don't have children in school?

Jessica Fletcher, chief communications officer for the Kentucky Department of Education, told The State Journal via email Wednesday that taxes are in place to support every citizen.

“We all pay taxes, regardless of how much or little we use the service provided through any particular tax,” she said. “Should a person who doesn’t drive not pay taxes that provide for roads? Should a citizen who does not frequent the library not pay library tax?”

Fletcher added that everyone benefits from paying school taxes.

“Paying school taxes supports public education, which educates our children and thus provides us with future citizens who can be productive members of society,” she said.

Fletcher did note, however, there are some tax exemptions in place for senior citizens.

Citizens who are 65 or older on a limited income are eligible for a homestead exemption, which gives them a discount on their property tax bill on their primary residence, she said. 

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