Chanda Veno

Chanda Veno

A few weeks ago we asked readers on social media where the worst stoplight in town is located and judging from the more than 150 responses we received it’s safe to say we have quite a few closet road ragers around here.

One of my favorite replies was from Anisha R. Adams, who wrote, “There are no bad answers, only bad lights.”

I couldn’t agree more.

From the reputed slow traffic lights — Kings Daughters Drive at Doctors Drive by the hospital was one of the most frequent answers — to those with high traffic volumes — such as the intersection at U.S. 60 and U.S. 127 by Sonic and Speedway — Frankfort seems to have quite a few frustrating lights.

In fact, U.S. 127 was mentioned by numerous respondents for its notoriously long traffic lights, starting at the intersection with Old Lawrenceburg Road near the bowling alley — a light that Ryan Shryock termed “the longest ever in history.”

The Leonardwood Drive intersection near Kroger and Walmart was also labeled as problematic, as was the traffic light at the U.S. 127-East-West Connector intersection.

Reader Rosemary Young Oaken said the stoplight at Century Plaza by Red Dot takes forever to change. “Not to mention, the danger when it finally turns, pulling out to traffic that runs the light.”

Lindsey Rodgers complained about time spent waiting at the traffic light at the Boone National Guard Center, and Kellee Toles and Ashley Thompson Cheung voted the intersection of U.S. 127 and River Bend Road among the lights that take a while to change.

“I don’t understand why it’s not a blinking one,” Cheung wrote. “It drives me insane!”

While U.S. 127 causes drivers headaches on the west side of town, over on the east side Versailles Road is a nightmare, which, according to reader Renee Ruble, starts with the traffic light at the end of the the Interstate 64 exit ramp. “Might as well turn your ride off and sit a spell,” she wrote.

And it only gets worse the closer you get to town. Several respondents said patience is required when waiting at the Versailles Road-Hanly Lane intersection near the Kentucky State Police building. “Bring your breakfast, lunch or dinner and stay a while,” Brenda Chadwell Manley remarked.

Teresa Hockensmith offered a similar sentiment about the traffic light at the intersection with Country Lane. “When you are stopped there, you could have breakfast with you and have it finished before the light changes,” she wrote. Sounds like she speaks from experience.

Others mentioned the Brighton Park Boulevard intersection near Walgreens and Kroger for its constant logjam of traffic at all times of day or night.

For me, the dubious honor of worst stoplight in town goes to (drumroll, please) the Versailles Road-Lyons Drive intersection near Eastwood Shopping Center and Highland Christian Church.

Not only is this intersection heavily trafficked, the stoplight is also slow for those attempting to turn onto the thoroughfare. But what makes it truly terrible is that with the exception of those exiting the shopping center, traffic in every direction must come to a stop while traveling downhill because the intersection sits in a “valley.”

A lot of motorists end up “running” the light because they can’t stop in time. Of course, it doesn't help that many people translate traffic lights differently than what they were taught in driver's ed. Apparently, green still means “go,” but yellow equates to “speed up,” and red means “stop and check your phone.”

Chanda Veno is managing editor at The State Journal. She can be emailed at

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