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A few months back loyal State Journal reader Bob Gullette, a man about town if ever there was one, dropped me an email suggesting that I pen a column on my “new life as an editor as opposed to a reporter.” My response was that it would bore readers to death but he insisted so I figured I’d g…

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As an avid college football fan my excitement over watching some bowl games during a few days off between the holidays quickly fizzled when I checked out the lineup. Apparently, I would only be able to catch a handful of the ridiculously large number of games because of the way they are spaced out.

After three days of having two teenage boys and a tween girl at home over Thanksgiving break combined with the fact that we are only half decorated for Christmas, our house looks like a cross between a winter wonderland and a frat house afterparty (minus the beer cans).

It was 23 years ago today — in what seems like another lifetime — that I achieved one of my dreams, but quite frankly the only reason I even remember the date is because it is also my brother’s birthday.

As my husband will readily attest, I am abominable at visualizing which Tupperware container will hold the dinner leftovers. Without fail I pick one that is too small and end up splattering the counter and myself with the contents while attempting to snap the lid shut.

After spending a handful of days visiting my folks in the Maryland mountains over fall break, I was overjoyed when we returned home to Central Kentucky with its friendly faces and hospitality. You see, there are certain Southern mannerisms that are frowned upon in northern states.

With her cheerful answers to questions I didn’t ask and her inability to shut up no matter how many times I repeat myself, there are moments when it feels as though we have a fourth kid in the house — Alexa (the Amazon Echo).

If you have noticed friends looking quite a bit older in your social media news feeds lately, don’t fret. You haven’t traveled to the future. FaceApp is just the latest fad phone application that allows users a glimpse of what they may look like as they age.

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