Have you ever noticed when you pay attention to something and all of the sudden you are seeing it “everywhere”? There is actually a name for this. It’s called the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, or Frequency Bias, and we’ve experienced it twice in the past week.

For instance, we didn’t realize how often we touch our faces until health officials worried about the spread of the coronavirus told us to avoid doing so.

The same is true for the amount of roadside trash along Frankfort and Franklin County roadways. Until it was brought to our attention by State Journal reader Susan Coblin in a letter to the editor (“Letter: Litter is making Frankfort look trashy,” March 4), we didn’t notice, but now we can’t “unsee” the excess litter — fast food packaging, soda bottles and cans and cigarette butts — in the community.

Franklin County Solid Waste Coordinator Brittany Woodward has fielded several calls from citizens concerned about the litter and said roads that bypass main thoroughfares are the most plagued spots. The Frankfort Division of Solid Waste said it regularly gets calls about roadside trash in the area of Schenkel and Steadmantown lanes.

It is our collective responsibility as a community to clean up our city and county, and we can all do our part. From securing garbage and recycling bins so trash doesn’t blow out to keeping vehicle trash in a plastic grocery bag inside your car, we can all pitch in.

“Donate 30 minutes to an hour of your time to help clean up the county. I can provide bags and gloves to anyone who contacts me,” Woodward said, adding she can be reached at 502-875-8751 or via email at bwoodward@franklincountyky.com.

To report litterbugs in the county, call the litter hotline at 502-465-3055. In the city, litter complaints may be made at 502-875-8527.

Let’s be more mindful of where our trash goes and be a part of the solution, not a part of the pollution.

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