With the hope that a ban on paper recycling is only temporary, the City of Frankfort is offering residents, for a limited time, an opportunity to upgrade to larger trash carts at a deeply discounted price.

Earlier this week, local officials rolled out their plan, which allows property owners to upsize garbage bins for $25 — half of the regular charge. However, the deal won’t last long — the regular rate of $50 will be reimplemented on Oct. 1. For those who cannot afford to upgrade their trash carts, overflow bags are available at $4 per roll at both Frankfort Kroger locations.

In May, the City of Lexington, where nine affiliate counties, including Franklin and the City of Frankfort, haul recycling, abruptly halted collection of paper products — including newspapers, inserts, magazines, phone books, office and school papers, catalogs and brown paper bags — after higher standards in China, where recycled material is sold, put a strain on U.S. recycling centers.

The paper recycling ban went into effect immediately — without even the courtesy of advance notification for local leaders — leaving both customers and officials with more questions than answers.

It didn’t take long for folks to realize that the smaller 35-gallon garbage carts — that the city provided free of charge back in 2012 when it launched its “pay-as-you-throw” campaign to encourage recycling — couldn’t adequately hold the excess paper trash.

Currently there are no plans to downsize recycling carts, but, starting Aug. 1, those that contain paper products, glass or trash will be tagged and not picked up. Recyclable items include plastic bottles and jugs, aluminum and steel cans and corrugated cardboard. Repeat violators may be fined and have their recycle cart taken.

While it has taken about two months for the city to iron out the wrinkles and work out the kinks, we believe the city played its cards right by offering a discounted rate for both larger trash bins and rolls of overflow bags for a three-month period. The plan offers affordable options for the additional trash removal without leaving residents holding the bag.

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