Downtown Frankfort Inc. is rolling out the welcome mat to potential business owners looking to locate to here. During its Wednesday meeting, Terri Bradshaw, president of the Kentucky Capital Development Corp., announced she is in the process of drafting recruitment letters to businesses — both big and small — looking to expand to Frankfort.

In the correspondence, which will include available properties and information on the Downtown Master Plan and Capital Plaza redevelopment project, KCDC and DFI will encourage businesses to consider the capital city.

“We are saying, ‘We have a plan. This is what our downtown strategy looks like and this is where we think that you would fit into this strategy,’” Bradshaw told the DFI board.

It is a tactic that has worked in the past. Bradshaw said a few years back she sent similar letters and netted responses from five businesses. However, the difference between now and then, she explained, is that currently Frankfort has momentum and is hoping to cast a wider net.

In fact, according to DFI Executive Director Kelly Everman, there are few vacant spots available, but DFI is banking on the future development of the former Frankfort Convention Center land to change that.

Everman added that at a meeting of local residents last week, many in the group expressed concerns about the hours businesses keep — calling for them to stay open throughout the day, during the evening and on weekends. Residents also want a better variety of shops.

More retail stores are also necessary and Everman told the board that DFI has a good idea of which businesses to go after. And while some of the shops may be larger, it is the smaller businesses together that will allow consumers to go store-to-store that will make the biggest difference, she added.

We applaud DFI for being proactive in its engagement of prospective businesses. Certainly a letter in the mail is a small gesture, but it also acknowledges business owners by letting them know there is a place for them in our community.

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