Where to educate your children is a personal decision for every parent, but Gov. Andy Beshear, one of Frankfort’s newest residents, is blessed to have a terrific option just a mile from home.

Beshear, who unseated Gov. Matt Bevin in November, told reporters at a news conference this week that he’s still considering whether to enroll his children — Will, 10, and Lila, 9 — in Second Street School, which educates Frankfort Independent Schools students through eighth grade. The Beshear children currently attend private school in Louisville, but the governor announced recently that he and his wife plan to put the family’s Louisville home up for sale and make the Governor’s Mansion in Frankfort the family’s full-time residence.

It was clear from his comments that the governor has already been doing his homework on public education in South Frankfort.

FIS is “run by a great superintendent (Houston Barber), its test scores are wonderful, so it presents a really good opportunity,” Beshear said, adding that the family plans to tour Second Street soon.

“We just ultimately want to find what is absolutely best for them,” he said.

A strong case can be made for FIS and Second Street School.

By the end of Beshear’s four-year term, both Beshear kids will be in middle school. The middle school at Second Street, in new state accountability ratings, was one of just 233 public schools — out of more than 1,250 in Kentucky — to receive four stars out of five. If Beshear wins a second term, his children will be in high school. Frankfort High, like Second Street, is on the elite list of four-star schools.

Not only would his children receive first-rate educations, but Beshear, who ran on a platform of supporting public education and won a tight race in large part because schoolteachers got enthusiastically behind his campaign, would make the strongest statement possible on public education to back up his campaign rhetoric. Nothing demonstrates confidence in public schools like entrusting them to education your own children.

The choice is his and his wife’s alone, but count us among those pulling for Second Street to add a couple of high-profile little Panthers to the FIS family.

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