Republicans are red,

Democrats are blue.

Kanye West for president,

May be coming to a ballot near you.

Secretary of State Michael Adams confirmed Friday that the rapper and music producer, along with running mate Michelle Tidball, a biblical life coach, has filed to run for president on Kentucky’s ballot for the November general election.

West, who is registered as a Republican but running as an independent in Kentucky, will be included on the ballot in numerous GOP-leaning states, including Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Utah, Idaho, Iowa and Tennessee. He did not qualify to be on ballots in Ohio, Montana, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Arizona, Virginia and other states — though he is challenging some of those decisions through lawsuits.  

According to Intelligencer, West’s campaign targeted Kentucky college campuses — in particular, students at the University of Louisville — to get the required signatures for his candidacy. However, the New York media outlet said not all of the campaign’s tactics were on the up-and-up.

One student, who was approached while waiting for a university shuttle bus, said he was asked to “sign a petition to get Kanye off the ballot” after a signature gatherer hired by West’s campaign told him the rapper was “a nutcase on social media.”

Another UofL student said a signature gatherer asked him about “trying to get an independent candidate on the ballot” but failed to mention the candidate’s name. It was only after the student saw West’s name on the form that he realized who the candidate was. He asked the solicitor about a pitch given to students that the rapper might be coming to campus and the representative replied, “maybe.”

“Our staff are diligently reviewing this filing, including an estimated 19,000 petition signatures, to determine whether Mr. West has qualified to appear,” Adams said in a tweet.

West filed campaign paperwork with the Federal Election Commission on July 15 after saying he had broken ties with President Donald Trump and would launch his own independent presidential run. However, critics believe the rapper’s last-minute bid for the presidency is a maneuver to snatch votes from Democratic challenger Joe Biden — especially in key swing states.

Regardless of West’s intentions for running, the methods his campaign has allegedly used to gather signatures for his candidacy from UofL students seem deceitful. Logistically there is no possible way for him to reach the 270 electoral votes needed to win since he is not on the ballot in every state.

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