Nearly five months after its decision to name the Old Pinsly Trail the Bourbon Road Rail Trail, the city commission backpedaled last week to change its blunder — opting instead for the simple Thorobred Trail.

Leaders looked into a new trail name after local folks took to social media to voice their displeasure with the commission’s original choice and representatives from Kentucky State University objected to the name because it potentially linked alcohol to the university.

In fact, Bourbon Road Rail Trail wasn’t even one of the five name options in 2016 when WalkBike Frankfort conducted a public vote on naming the 2.2-mile trail, which links the KSU campus with downtown Frankfort. The choices were Pinsly Railroad line; KSU-Downtown Trail; Cliffhanger Trail; University Trail; Thorobred Express Trail; and, the most popular and eventual winner, Thorobred Trail.

Just weeks after the original name vote, city leaders rescinded the vote after hearing concerns from KSU officials. For the city, which is hoping to further relations and be more inclusive of the university in the community, it was the right decision to recall the vote.

However, the Thorobred Trail name will only extend to upper portion of the path near the university. The lower part leading into downtown has yet to receive an official name. The commission discussed breaking down the trail into two names to make it easier for first responders to find the location on the path in the event of an emergency.

Two names for one trail will confuse those trying to locate the trail — especially visitors to the capital city, the same folks the downtown district is hoping to attract. Instead, the city should wait for the Frankfort-Franklin County Emergency Management office to install mile and tenths of mile markers along the path, which will make it easier for first responders to pinpoint a location should an emergency occur.

We say stick with one name — particularly because it took city leaders two attempts to get it right.

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