When it comes to finding local businesses and services, it doesn’t matter whether you are a newcomer to the capital city or a Frankfort native, we can all use an extra hand to guide us in the right direction. Included in Thursday’s edition is our annual “How To” guide. Inside you will find information on how to do, well, just about anything, courtesy of Frankfort's business community.

Are you looking to make a home purchase? Depending on your situation you may need a real estate agency or a Realtor. And if you’re in the market for a new home you will likely need a mortgage lender.

You may need to make renovations to your new residence. There are several options when it comes to shopping local for flooring and carpet cleaning.

Officially a homeowner, you’ll need to furnish and maintain your new pad. Should you buy new furniture or visit a consignment shop? Who do you call when the air conditioning dies or a tree falls on your property?

Soon you will want to get a dog, which means you’ll need to find a local veterinarian and dog trainer. To help control the pet population, you’ll want to get your dog spayed or neutered.

A few months later, after your wife tells you she’s expecting, you will come to the realization that you know nothing about babies and rush off to the bookstore for “Dads Guide to Pregnancy for Dummies.” With a baby on the way, you will want to protect your family. Do you know what handgun is right for you?

Of course, having a child means you’ll need to sign him or her up for dance lessons and likely need an orthodontist. When the child becomes a teen, you’ll want to get a pool to keep them closer and have the talk about remaining drug-free.

Soon the teenager is driving. You’ll need solid tires on the vehicle and, in all likelihood, you will also need an auto body repair shop. When the teen graduates from college, you’ll want to host a party and will need to pick a liquor store for supplies.

As you age, your doctor will add medications and you may find yourself in the market for dental implants. Now a senior citizen, you may want to make prearrangements for your funeral and choose a final resting place. As for your estate, make it easy on your loved ones by selecting an auctioneer.

Check out the "How To" guide to find out more.

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